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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away or more accurately December of 2010, in East Greenbush, NY.  While mulling over a New Year's resolution, I came up with a unique challenge for myself.  I was no longer going to try the typical resolution.  There would be no diet or regrettable gym membership.  No, this year would be different.  The year 2011 would be remembered as the year that I attempted to watch all 250 movies on IMDb's list of top movies of all time.  Oh and the year I got married.  Probably shouldn't forget that one.

So now to the purpose of this blog.  Although I could keep track of the movies I've seen from the list on a simple piece of paper (in fact that's what I've been doing), I realized that I was forgetting some of the more obscure, but good, movies after I had seen them.  Then the idea of the blog was born.  I have decided that after I watch each movie on the list, I'll write a short review on it.  Since I have been working on this list for almost 10 months, I've already watched a significant number of films.  But I will go back and revisit some of the movies I have already seen and review them as well.  Now I have not gone to film school, or believe myself to be an expert on all things film.  Quite the opposite, I am simply a fan of movies and that is where my opinions will stem from.  I hope that this will evolve over time to be a place where everyone can comment freely on the movies they love and hate.

Now onto the show...

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