Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good memories...

    Growing up as a kid I was fortunate enough to live near a drive-in movie theater. My family would go at least a couple times a year. I have fond memories of sitting in a lawn chair with my brother and sister, eating popcorn from home, watching Ghostbusters 2. The drive-in was what made my summer. We as a family didn't go to the movies much so the chance to go see two movies was a special treat.
    Well the wife and I ventured out last Tuesday night to go see a double feature of Brave and the Amazing Spiderman.  We don't live too far from the same drive-in that I went to as a child, and going there even as an adult is a trip back to more innocent times. Times when the most I had to worry about was getting past  world 6-2 in Super Mario Bros. or waking up early enough on Saturday mornings to catch the latest episode of X-men. The drive-in may have updated a little (the speakers that clip on the windows have long since disappeared and the snack bar now has a very good ice cream shop), but there's still a comfortable feeling about the place. The summer doesn't feel like it's started until a visit to my drive-in.
    Do yourself a favor and start your summer off the way it should be. Go see a double feature at your local drive-in. Oh and Brave and Amazing Spiderman are both very good movies. Brave is a solid Pixar movie but not in their top echelon with the likes of the Incredibles or Ratatouille. The Amazing Spiderman, thankfully, helped make me forget about the atrocious Spiderman 3. As a comic book fan, there were some liberties taken with the origin story, but it didn't seem to sour the movie at all. Maybe it was just the overall good mood I was in being at my ol' drive-in.

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