Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Top 12 (with any luck) of 2012

A belated happy new year to everyone and with the new year comes a plethora of new films that all promise to be this year's Godfather.  Most will not live up to their hype (Green Lantern, I'm looking at you), but some may turn out to be outstanding films.  So I borrowed an idea from a great movie podcast I watch called Film State, and compiled a list of my 12 most anticipated movies of 2012. 

Listed in order of most anticipated to least, cause lets be honest you would've skipped to the end anyways...

  1. The Dark Knight Rises – Fairly obvious, I know. Christopher Nolan completes his Batman trilogy that proved that films based on comic book licenses can not only be good films, but Academy Award winning films. Now here's hoping that Anne Hathway is more Michelle Pfeiffer then Halle Berry.
  1. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Kind of an unknown property, I read the book recently and absolutely love the concept. Abraham Lincoln's mother is killed by a vampire when he was only 10 and the event changes the course of his life and the entire country. It's directed by Timur Bekmambetov who also the directed the surprisingly entertaining Wanted as well as Daywatch and Nightwatch and stars Benjamin Walker, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Dominic Cooper and Alan Tudyk

  2. The Avengers – What is better then Captain America: the First Avenger, Thor, Iron Man and the incredible Hulk? Throwing them all in the same freakin movie thats what! My only concern is Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk (I would have greatly preferred Edward Norton) but this has the inner comic book nerd in me squee like a teenage girl meeting Taylor Lautner. Oh yeah, it's also directed by Joss Whedon, who like Christopher Nolan, can do no wrong.

  3. The Great Gatsby – I read the Great Gatsby in high school and have loved it ever since. It was second to only To Kill a Mockingbird as one of my favorite books of all time. So I was excited to hear that they were making a film adaptation. It is directed by Baz Luhrmann which causes some level of concern, but it stars Leonardo DiCaprio who doesn't really pick bad movies. Let's just hope it can follow in To Kill A Mockingbird's footsteps.

  4. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – So Peter Jackson is taking everyone back to the Shire? Okay, sign me up. I don't even care what the story is.  But this time around could we decide on an ending?

  5. Amazing Spider-Man – This is possibly the scariest pick on my list. Spider-Man 3 was soooo bad, but I'm not sure the appropriate response is to reboot a franchise that is only 10 years old. Maybe there should've just been some quality control when Sam Raimi started breaking out his old BeeGee's vinyls. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are starring and both are talented actors so there is some potential and I love the Lizard as the villian. Memo to the director Mark Webb....don't eff this up.

  6. Skyfall – The film that I feared would never be made. Skyfall is the latest in the long running James Bond series. I grew up watching these films with my father and so always look forward to a new Bond film, with the exception of the later Pierce Brosnan ones (God, Halle Berry was just awful). Daniel Craig is a fantastic Bond, second only to Sean Connery in the role.

  7. World War Z – A film about what happens after the zombie apocalypse? Yes, please. This is based off the book by Max Brooks and is set to star Brad Pitt (see previous Leonardo DiCaprio comment), Mireille Enos and David Morse. I'm always up for a good zombie movie. Ten bucks says David Morse plays someone in the military.

  8. Expendables II – Take all the great 80's action stars that were in the previous film and add Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme? I will be the first in line at the theaters for this monument to all things awesome. If it's anything like it's predecessor it won't be winning any Academy Awards for writing, but will be chock full of explosions and violence aka everything that makes an action movie fan-freakin-tastic. Can I pre-order my ticket now?

  9. Bourne Legacy – I have enjoyed the previous installments of the Bourne franchise and although Matt Damon isn't among the cast (he's been replaced by Jeremy Renner), I am fairly certain I will enjoy this latest entry. The director of the three previous films, Tony Gilroy, returns and is joined by Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz and Albert Finney. Edward Norton, unfortunately, will not be reprising his role as the Hulk or this movie would be higher up the list.

  10. 47 Ronin – Thanks in large part to the List, I have discovered a love for films by Akira Kurosawa. Apparently Keanu Reeves is also a fan since he has helped to get this period samurai film made. It is based on a true 18th Century Japanese story that follows a band of samurai that must avenge the death of their master. It's being directed by Carl Rinsch, who I am unfamiliar with, but is a protege of Ridley Scott. Hopefully Keanu leaves Neo behind in this film.

  11. Act of Valor – Imagine the awesomeness of the Expendables, but replace the aging action heroes with active Navy Seals. My only concern is how well they can act. The Expendables is intentionally cheesy which adds to it's awesomeness. There is a fine line that could be crossed to make this a train wreck, but I will be optimistic. I would've placed this higher on the list but I was concerned that it would, in fact, make this entire post too manly and would lead to an explosion that would take down all of the blogger world. To the rest of the bloggers out there, you're welcome.

I have to throw out a few honorable mentions.
1.  Prometheus - Ridley Scott finally heads back to the world of Alien.
2.  Django Unchained - Not always a fan of Quentin Tartantino but Inglorious Basterds was phenominal.
3.  Underworld: Awakening - It's going to be a bad movie, but I'm a sucker for the series.  There, I've finally admitted it.  Don't judge me.

What is your most anticipated movie of 2012?  Did I miss one?  Let me know!

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